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The word 'loverboy' (opening track) usually refers to a playboy or ladies man— but I wanted to mean it in a literal way: I'm a loverboy because I'm defined by my search for love. It's a song is written to myself. It opens by acknowledging the world is sad. It's easy to stay in bed. It closes by urging me on: there's still so much left in the world.

All songs on this EP are about an internal tension in men. 'Manhood' is about swinging wildly between confident swagger and swarming self-doubt. 'Obscene' is about a reactionary and isolating anger. 'Still In Love With You' is about seeing a broken world and still feeling in love with it.

Manhood is a 5-song EP written and recorded during 2017. It was produced by Stephen James Kerr. All songs were written and performed by Steve Benjamins.

Released Feb 2018.

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