Steve Benjamins


The Politics of Me and You

There’s so much besides you,
But you’re not seeing that
If history’s an arcing beam
Then it bends to me
So you might roll your eyes
One day I’ll have what’s mine

I walk a tightrope
Today to tomorrow
Uncertain of what’s to come
Unseen and gone unsung
And I know what’s yours is yours
I’m not disputing that

Born at the same time
Torn apart at birth
You walked out the front door
I slipped the back door
But I’m stubborn and hopeful
Faced with uncertain tomorrow

Let my voice, though it is small, carry and amplify
Let my legs, though they are weak, walk me away from this
Let my light, thought it is dim, illuminate a way home
Let this pain, let it grow, into confrontation

Cause I’m standing here alone
Oh believe me when I say I’m on my own
Let my voice, though it shakes, grow clear and with direction
Let the fear in my soul, not hold me back now and

Don’t see me struggling against the tide and think it’s not coming for you too
Don’t see it swallow me whole and think I’m any less than you
Don’t see me struggling through the day and somehow just think that you’re straight
You will think you’re strong until you become weak— whoo!

This song has a bit more edge than usual. It kicks up around 1:36.

Released May 2016.

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